fredag 12 april 2013

It's not a phase mom, i really am a magical girl.

 I have some outfits and more to show you♥
Some kind of cultparty/lolita/fairykei mix And my pin button says mahō shōjo, so magical(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

(Not to confuse everyone-> It’s a peignoir over my dream sky skirt and little twin stars t-shirt! Then i just took the waistband from the skirt and tied it over everything hehe)

Some kind of cultparty/lolita/fairykei mix today( ・◇・)?And i’m wearing my new cutecankill necklace ring and earring’s (which aren’t visible in the pic ;_;)And my pin button says mahō shōjo, so magical(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
A very simple coord that i even forgot i took pictures of haha.
I had forgotten that i took pictures of this coord… I’m a goldfish. 
Wore my new t-shirt from sheinside 

Also kind of a simple coord but alice inspired and new dress from sheinside! went on town with Amanda we tried too check out h&m's new release but everyone was crazy haha..
My outfit yesterday new dress from sheinside Went with a little alice twist kinda haha. :3
When  Amanda and me went to town i found this bralette on h&m and i couldn't resist buying it ; 3 ; 
Ahh I couldn’t stop myself from buying it ehe *v*
I'm wearing the bralette in this cult party kei'ish coord but it's barely visible ; u ;
I'm also wearing my new galaxy skirt which you can get here!
And today’s outfit new galaxy skirt from sheinside, tried too do a cult party kei outfit with it hehe ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ
And some close ups! on the jewelry from cute can kill* v *

And here is another pin i have made myself, it says magical girl!
I will probably start selling these kind of button's on my storenvy if the interest exists :3
I also have to show you my new necklace * v * look how pretty it is!
(If you want the same you can get it here)
Wearing my golden deer necklace today♥(i don’t think i will be updating as frequently these couple of days i’m going to visit Simon i will be back on Wendsday thought! ^^)
Oh and i colored my hair a little more i did a dip dye so now it fades from pink to purple!
And for my Swedish readers!
Vi ses på japanloppisen right? :--)
For the Swedes~Ni missar väll inte japan loppisen som är i maj? Jag kommer vara där och sälja mina smycken och min vän Sakura kommer också ha ett bord och sälja peruker och en hel del annat! Kom om ni kan vetja!^_^ 

Bye for now!
Hope you are doing well♥